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Get your thinking caps on, dust off those mice/tablets and get creative! We have a new Random Challenge, and it's just in time for Earth Day!

I bet you already guessed it, right? It's Mother Earth, however you see her. Let your imagination...
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*puts down Swiffer, rubs hair free of pixel dust bunnies*

Like the ever-persistent crocus, we keep coming back! Yes, there are small signs of life around here. We're slowly trying to ease back into the swing of things, even if those swings...

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Forum Rules
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Forum Rules:

1.) You must be 13 years of age or older to register at The Limelight Cafe. If you have falsified your age to gain membership, once the Admins have been made aware, your membership will be removed and your IP will be banned.
(we are lowering the age limit for now. We don't want to see drama here as it's a friendly tight knit community. If we do see drama starting, we will raise the age limit back up to 18).

2.) The only way a community can thrive is through participation. We prefer that our members take an active role in building and sustaining the community. Posting art, participating in games and challenges, providing feedback, or engaging in chat threads is easier than you think! Membership clean outs will be advertised in advance and any account not active within the preceding 3 months could be up for deletion.

3.) No spamming! This means you do not post just to advertise or harass others. Please be thoughtful when posting, try to contribute something to the thread. We encourage you to have fun and get to know your fellow members, but please do so in a manner that is constructive and fun.

4.) Be respectful to everyone on this board; members and staff included. This includes, but is not limited to, harassing, teasing, making fun of, picking fights with, annoying, or otherwise being rude or hateful via PM or thread. If you have an issue with a member, please try and resolve it off the board.

5.) Avatars may be no larger than 150x200 pixels, and signatures may be no larger than 500x300 pixels. This includes your entire signature space, with all images and text. They should not exceed 500x300 pixels combined.

6.) Please do not ask to be on staff. If we have an opening or require assistance, we will ask you.

7.) TLC is a family friendly board. This means that the content should be appropriate for family viewing - anyone from little Sister Suzy to Grandma Moses should be able to look through the forum without being offended. Mild language is permitted within reason. Blood/gore and nudity are allowed as long as there is a visible warning in the post title. However, if the doll(s)/graphic(s) portray self-harm, harm to others, anything pornographic in nature, or an illegal activity, you may not post or link out to it.

8.) Be sure to read and review the guidelines for posting on each of our boards before making a post. This can save a lot of time, trouble, and disciplinary PM's.

Warnings & Consequences

Rules are no good if they are not enforced, so in order to maintain peace on this board we do have consequences for those who do not adhere to our guidelines. These rules are here to keep things helpful and happy for all members. They are not meant to hinder or frustrate you, but rather to offer structure and assistance for everyone.

Your first week on the board is a grace period in which we allow you to acclimate to our environment and rules. Our staff will give you helpful reminders and tips if we see anything that might help you to get used to the way we do things around here. After this, we do expect you to have familiarized yourself with the rules enough to be responsible for your own actions.

First Disciplinary Offense. You will be sent a PM from our staff addressing the issue and helping you to correct it.

Second Disciplinary Offense. You will be sent a PM from our staff addressing the issue and helping you to correct it.

Third Disciplinary Offense. You will be given an official warning by an Administrator that another offense will result in being banned.

Fourth Disciplinary Offense. You will be banned from the board for anywhere from 1 week to a permanent ban depending on the severity of your offense.

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